Tracadie Sheila, May 29, 2018 – The Fondation Les Amis de l’Hôpital de Tracadie Inc. presented today the result of its 2018 Annual Campaign, which is $98,102. This money was raised from donors and through the public’s support of Foundation special events such as the Northern Star, the Roses Radiothon, etc.

“With their presence, the foundations from the Acadian Peninsula promote the Network’s mission by enabling it to excel in improving people’s health. Therefore, each penny raised benefits the entire population, making the dream of a better quality of life for present and future generations possible.” Gilles Lanteigne, President and CEO of Vitalité Health Network.

The opening ceremony was an opportunity for the Foundation to present the new acquisitions that will help enhance services at the Tracadie-Sheila Hospital. This year, four treatment chairs will be replaced in the Dialysis sector. The 2nd North and Medical sectors will see all chairs in patient rooms as well as furniture in patients’ and visitors’ lounges being replaced. Also, a rocking chair will be added to the 2nd North, two stretchers will be replaced in Ambulatory Care, an emergency cart will be purchased for the Emergency Department and a small refrigerator will be added in the Laboratory. The Fondation Les Amis de l’Hôpital de Tracadie will also be able to support the major fundraising campaign of our regional hospital and contribute to specialized services in our region.

The Chair of the 2018 Annual Campaign of the Fondation Les Amis de l’Hôpital de Tracadie Inc., André Morais, expressed his contentment with the result. “I am glad that people in our community will be able to take advantage, either directly or indirectly, of the benefits or their contribution!

For his part, Philippe Ferguson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fondation Les Amis de l’Hôpital de Tracadie Inc., took the opportunity to highlight the foundation’s contribution for 30 years now. “Projects totalling more than $4.3 million have been completed since our Foundation was established in 1988, and it is clear that our Foundation will continue to grow with our hospital in the years to come!”

The mission of the Fondation Les Amis de l’Hôpital de Tracadie Inc. is to raise funds to improve the health care services provided at the Tracadie-Sheila Hospital.

For more information, please contact:
Julie Bilodeau
Acadian Peninsula Annual Campaign Officer