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Friday, April 26, support your radiothon!

The 18th edition of the event will take place on Friday, April 26, 2024, and is an ideal opportunity to honour the courage of people who are fighting or have fought against illness and to contribute to improving health care here at home first.

We are seeking your support today in order to purchase essential medical equipment that will help increase the quality of care we offer our patients. Every single donation will play a major role in our ability to ensure a safe and effective care environment. Please let us explain how essential and qualitative every piece of equipment is.

– Your financial support will help us purchase geriatric chairs for the appointment or walk-in clinics and for ambulatory care clinics. These chairs help safely lift patients and they are essential to ensure that our patients can eat in a sitting position, therefore preventing sores and maintaining their well-being. Your donation will increase the comfort and safety of elderly patients in our hospital.

– Your contribution will help us purchase electronic sphygmomanometers for our appointment or walk-in clinics and ambulatory care clinics. These devices are essential to accurately measure our patients’ blood pressure, thus allowing us to ensure constant monitoring and quick intervention if need be. Your donation will have a direct impact on the proactive monitoring of our patients’ health.

– To ensure that our patients can be moved safely, we need adapted wheelchairs. Your generosity will help us purchase this essential equipment, making it easier to move patients and ensuring high-quality care. These chairs will help increase the autonomy and comfort of mobility-impaired people.

– The safety of our employees is a priority in our appointment or walk-in clinics and ambulatory care clinics. Your donation will help us purchase 5-caster stools, ensuring a safe and stable base for our employees during treatments. These stools will help increase the quality of care by offering a safe and effective work environment.

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Please be generous and participate in the Foundation’s Annual Campaign. Every dollar is invested here in our region so that local people have easy access to care and services.  Join me in supporting the wave of wellness since together, we can make a difference!