New President of the Northern Star for the Lamèque Hospital Foundation

Mrs. Norma Aubut, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Lamèque Hospital Foundation, proudly announces the appointment of Mrs. Lisa LeBreton, as President of the Northern Star for the greater region covered by the Lamèque health facility.

“We are not only pleased but honored that Lisa has accepted this challenge in her new role as President of the Northern Star in our region. With her human values, she brings a solid professional background with her qualities of go-getter.  With her dedication and energy, I am convinced that she will shine in her role as president of this campaign and especially in supporting our efforts to continue to improve our health care at the Lamèque Hospital” explains Mrs. Aubut.

Lisa Lebreton has been working for UNI Financial Cooperation for almost a dozen years. Her career path has been remarkable and she is known for her determination to make a difference every day in everything she does.

The main interested person explains that it is a new element for her to get involved in a community committee outside of her employer’s activities. Her reaction was one of surprise and even flattered by this attention by the foundation with the compliments towards her, before accepting the presidency of the Northern Star for the Lamèque Hospital Foundation. She recognizes that she is greatly concerned about the health of those around her.

“I have a loved one who needs regular care and he is fortunate to receive his services in the region. This is important because he doesn’t have to travel to the big centers every month for some of the treatments he needs. He gets it close to home. It’s certain that it touched me deeply and motivated my decision to get involved. I also have a family member who has been very involved in health care and that has certainly been an influence,” says Lisa Lebreton.

“I want to get involved and I’m lucky to have the support of my employer to volunteer. When I get involved in something, I usually get 200% involved! It’s all new, but I’m happy to do it for health and our Lamèque foundation”, says Lisa Lebreton.

About the Northern Star The Northern Star Campaign is an event organized through a strong partnership between UNI and the nine Northern New Brunswick hospital foundations. This event, which began in 2006, has raised over $136,000 for the Lamèque Hospital Foundation to improve health care and services at the facility.